Cheryl Cole Sues X Factor Producer Over Firing

Cheryl Cole left The X Factor on a sour note–and she may still be a little bitter. The British singer, a judge along with Simon Cowell on the U.K. version of The X Factor who started taping the first season of the U.S. version before being unceremoniously fired, has sued one of the show’s producers for$2.3 million. In the suit filed today and obtained by E! News, Cole states that a “pay or play” clause in her contract entitles her to the $2 million she was promised for the show’s second season, as well as various allowances she was given for hotels, stylists, wardrobe and other show-related expenses that she never got to use. X Factor producer FremantleMedia North America had no comment on the suit. Cole’s complaint states that she was paid her $1.8 million salary for season one but is still owed her $2 million season-two paycheck, plus her $100,000 one-time wardrobe allowance; her $25,000 one-time all-inclusive stylist allowance; her $15,000-per-month apartment allowance to rent in Los Angeles; and a $2,500-per-month living allowance. She also wants defendant Blue Orbit Productions to reimburse her for her personal security expenses and the first-class flights she took from London to L.A. and then–sooner than she thought–back across the pond, as well as three round-trip coach seats for members of her staff. Cole, who did appear in a few of the early-audition episodes of The X Factor, was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger at the judges table. Scherzinger and Paula Abdul lasted just the one season.


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